Lakshayom Info Tech has developed Digital Signage Client software for a leading advertising business portals specializing in using digital sign boards for different companies in advertisement media outdoor. In other words digital signage also is substituted by terms such as “narrowcasting, screen media, digital merchandising, digital media networks, place based media or captive audience networks.”This involves extensive usage of Digital plasma screens, LCD panels, LED and OLED displays or projected images. A key component of this system is the media player which is programmed to function using Web Servers, Flash Codecs, Installers, Remote Diagnosis and Remote Commands. Remote Diagnostics refers to the ability to diagnose a given symptom, issue or problem from a distance. Instead of the subject being co-located with the person or the system doing the diagnostics, with remote diagnostics, the subjects can be separated by physical distance. Information exchange occurs either by wired or wireless links. Additionally the player also is made fool proof using the latest IE patches, using C# and progressing to secure the player by extensive application of Internet Fraud Detection Tools.

This software is constructed on two principal components i.e. first being the client playing the media based on his business requirements and rules and next collating the media played statistics followed by uploading the information to the server where the next essential component plays the major role of billing.

Lakshayom Info Tech has undertaken Complete Project Management of ERP solutions for Charbhai Bidi Works. The Charbhai company employs over 32,000 beedi rolling workers across Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a method of integrating the data and processes of an establishment into one unique system. Usually ERP systems have numerous components including hardware and software.

So as to achieve integration, many ERP systems use a systematically unified database to record and store data for various functions spread across the organization.

These programs have been written in Visual Basic, COM+, SQL Server and Crystal Reports. Microsoft SQL Server is a software program used to create desktop, enterprise, and web-based database systems. Crystal Reports facilitates users to graphically design data connections and report layouts. It is a business intelligence application used also to design and create reports from a wide range of data resources.

Charbhai has multiple godowns and branches in both the states with multiple processes involved in their business model. Starting with Schedule Generation of all processes from the starting of the leaf collection, treatment, rolling and packing of the beedis, to the last point of sales every process is computerized. Lakshayom provided the entire software applications for this business and is involved in maintenance of day to day operations of the complete processes for Charbhai.

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